Everything changes and your business is one of them. At this time, you may need to pivot your business into something else to serve the available needs in the community. How do you do that? It all starts in the mind. Check out the following tips: 

1. Take a deep breath. Acknowledge the pain but do not panic because if you do, you will drown. 

2. Start by working for the things you can control and create a schedule around them. 

3. Don't worry about everything, do just the NEXT right thing. 

4. Troubling finances? Talk to your creditors. It is not your inability to pay that is often the problem but your lack of communication (silence). Face the elephant in the room. 

5. Accept that there is no normal. What you call normal changes always. Reframe your thinking to accept that you create your normal every day. 

6. Ask yourself, how else can I do my business?

7. Take an inventory of your intellectual and physical assets and ask yourself what else you can do with the assets that you have.

8. What if everything else fails? Life can never leave you stranded. You will always have an option - believe it because it is real. 

9. 80% of life is how you respond to what happens to you. Handle that well. 

10. Listen to the full episode in order to get the practical details. 

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