In order to succeed as a business owner, you need to (re)program your mind for success. The challenge comes with our default programming which flows from our families, friends, communities and the likes. It's so subtle, we hardly notice they are there as well as their limiting impacts. There are a lot of ways to get ourselves reprogrammed for success but a few things stand out from today's discussion with Jess Huffman: 

1. Change the questions you ask yourself at any point in time.

2. Change your immediate relationships. Stick with those who have already done what you are trying to do and those who are currently on the same journey with you. This is not necessarily in the same industry or line of business. 

3. Challenge your beliefs by asking yourself: What if everything I ever believed was wrong?

4. Document everything you ever dismissed as impossible and decide to do that thing. This exercise opens up your mind to the freedom and power in your mind. 

5. Intentionally change your mindset to ensure it aligns with who you are meant to be - your future and not who you are now. 

6. And lots more...listen to the full episode. 

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