Samuel Akuma got an offer of admission for his undergraduate program but couldn’t afford the fees so he skipped a year to raise money for it. He finally got in and had to depend on friends for food and accommodation until his second year when he got a scholarship from Chevron.

A little into his penultimate year his mum, dad, and oldest sister had already died so he had to teach part-time and hawk shirts in School and neighboring cities in order to take care of himself and his younger siblings. Yet he still managed to finish top of both his class and the Engineering faculty with a first-class degree in Computer Engineering. He then secured a sponsorship offer to the University of Waterloo and today, he has a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEng) and a Graduate Diploma (GDip) in Computer Networking and Security. He is a legal Canadian resident.

How did he maintain focus when hell went loose on his case? He shared a lot of insights in this episode but amongst all, He maintains that his faith in God and resilient spirit saw him to where he is today.

You might be facing a rough time too but in the end, you won't have an excuse. Samuel didn't. Listen to this episode and uncover a lot of secrets that will help you on your unique journey!

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