It has been said that the average person makes up to 35,000 decisions in a day. Making a choice involves decision making. As immigrants with lofty dreams, we will be saddled with making a lot of decisions as we integrate and grow our families, careers, and businesses. A lot of them are going to be unconscious yet with far-reaching consequences. It's been said that "decision-making is such a seamless brain process that we're usually unaware of it - until our choice results in unexpected consequences. Then we may look back and wonder, "Why did I choose that option?". Regardless, we may be free to make choices but we are certainly not free from the consequences - good or bad. Listen to this episode to discover how I made a wrong but unconscious choice that led to strong consequences which unfortunately got multiplied. We can be whoever we want to be but we need to improve our capacity to be better decision makers on a daily basis so we can change our outcome!

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